Aussie Wood Floors
Australian Wormy Chestnut is a unique species growing in the vast temperate forests of Victoria. The native Australian hardwood mainly grows in hilly or mountainous terrain where fire, drought and strong winds are prevalent. A lovely rich timber, Australian Wormy Chestnut varies in color from light creamy straw to dark russets highlighted with black tones left behind from forest fires and ambrosia beetles. Our flooring makes an ideal base for design scemes in all settings including extremely elegant to classic rustic.
Our wood is often imitated but never duplicated. The ambrosia beetle finds it convenient to lay its eggs in horizontal lines throughout the tree and its larvae feed on the rich cellulose until departing the natural nursery. The marks are striking that are left behind from the occupancy of the beetle babies, similar to a shotgun  No worries-- the beetles are long gone before we process this timber into lumber and any remaining would escape or be killed off during the kiln drying process. You are also likely to find squiggly worm markings at random as well, as other interesting co-inhabitates live just under the bark and leave wild trails in some of the boards. Forest fires are common in the region this timber grows and it leaves it mark as well.
Australian Wormy Chestnut Flooring is often sought after by the most discriminating design professionals in the World. Our product is featured in many high profile projects both residential and commercial. We offer hand-hewn material and can finish it in an array of colors to give it a nice worn look to compliment any design sceme.
In addition to our plank flooring, we offer totally custom parquet in Australian Wormy Chestnut. Each 2x2 panel is hand crafted to order. These lovely patterns add an exceptionally personalized touch to your foyer, ball room or library.
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